Holiday Football Camps are PLYR Football Academy's perfect introduction to football and we provide children with fun filled activities to burn off some of their energy over the school half-terms! Players have fun whilst learning new skills and socialising with children from other schools in the local area with the same interests. Camps are every school half-term for girls and boys aged between 5-11.

Check out some highlights from our recent Mini & Youth Holiday Camps below.


A typical day at PLYR FOOTBALL Academy.

9am - 9:15am / Registration & Check-In

This is when we welcome all the players for the day. You can pre-book your place online or register on the day (places permitted). We always start the day with the music playing allowing the players to socialise before the day ahead.


9:15am - 9:30am / Introduction & Daily Brief

As first part of the structured day we like to sit the players down and have a brief chat about what we are going to do during the day. It works as great ice-breaker between the children that don't know each other and gives them a more comfortable "in" to the rest of the day. We like to get their feedback and ideas too, and this is a great way to give them some ownership. Our Academy is all about the players and it's a really important part of their development as young athletes.


9:30am - 10:15am / Training Session One

Our first training session will work on the theory and technical side of the days topic. We work to FA guidelines and we feel it's really important to give the players the right foundation to build on as they go through the day. We get their brains working as well as their bodies, focusing on technical elements and educational theory work. All part of our ethos to create thinking athletes.


10:15am - 10:45am / Snack Break

A chance for the boys & girls to get a little rest, a healthy snack and get prepped for Training Session Two.


10:45am - 12:00pm / Training Session Two

Training Session Two is about connecting the technical we learned in Session One and connecting it to skill-based activity. This is where we start to add some competition and opposition into the session, which helps to challenge the players technique in a more game-based environment. It's really important for the player's development that they work through this stage and get the opportunity to practise the technical elements they have learned in a more "game-realistic" setting.


12pm - 12:55pm / Games & Matches

TThe most popular part of the day - matches. Adhering to current FA guidelines we structure a series of mini-matches so the players can put into practise what they heave learned during the day. We play with current rules (throw-ins, corners, retreat lines) so the players get the full experience of what to expect on match days with their clubs (and if they don't currently play for a club, it gives them great insight into the structure of club football). This is a really important part of their development as it gives the players - and us as coaches - to see how the day's work effects their confidence and performance in a game.


12:55 - 1pm / Daily Debrief & Camp Closure

The last part of the day is the debrief. Here we get to chat to the players about their day, what they've learned and how much fun they've had! Again a really important moment that puts the ownership in the hands of players and allows them vital time to reflect on the day's activities.